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My Nano


Science Of Today, Industry Of Tomorrow 

Connecting Organizations and Professionals dedicated to the R&D of Nanomaterials in Latin America

PRóximo Evento

Foro NAno 2022

Nuestros aliados del Clúster de Nanotecnología de Nuevo León, A. C., te invitan a formar parte del foro los días 09 y 10 de noviembre.

What do we do?

At My Nano Academy® we advertise companies that apply nanotechnology in the development of innovative products.

We believe that organizations in Latin America should incorporate this technology to improve their production processes.


At My Nano Academy®  we want nanotechnology to be for everyone.

We invite you to  learn more

about this science  visiting

our blog !


My Nano Academy ® is an Affiliate of the Nanotechnology Cluster of Nuevo León, A.C.

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