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In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, My Nano Academy makes the following privacy notice available to you.

My Nano Academy is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data, in this sense and in compliance with the legal obligations established in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, through this instrument the holders of the data, the information that is collected from them and the purposes that will be given to said information.

In addition to the above, we inform you that My Nano Academy has its address located at:

Avenida Paseo de Zakia Pte. 2700A, Col. Zákia, El Marqués, Querétaro.

The personal data that we collect from you will be used for the following purposes, which are necessary to specify our relationship with you, as well as to meet the services and / or orders that you request:

Provide or improve the quality of content and service, conduct content satisfaction surveys, send advertising and offers of the content of

To carry out the purposes described in this privacy notice, we will use the following personal data:

Name and email.

On the other hand, we inform you that your personal data will be shared with the following authorities, companies, organizations or people other than us:

Companies related to nanotechnology, private industry and educational institutions.

Your information will be shared exclusively for the purposes mentioned below:

To update business databases, to publicize your products and services to other companies, among others.

You have at all times the right to know what personal data we have about you, what we use them for and the conditions of use that we give them (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); Similarly, you have the right to have your information removed from our records or databases when you consider that it is not being used properly (Cancellation); as well as to oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

For the exercise of any of the ARCO rights, the respective request must be submitted through the following electronic address:

The foregoing will also serve to know the procedure and requirements for the exercise of ARCO rights.

In any case, the response to the request will be given in the following period: 2 business days.

The contact details of the person or department of personal data, which is in charge of processing the ARCO rights requests, are the following:


a) Name of the person in charge: María Fernanda Díaz del Toro

b) Address: Avenida Paseo de Zakia Pte 2700A, Col. Zákia, El Marqués, Querétaro.

c) Telephone: 5559548473

d) Other means of contact: Through the website

It is worth mentioning that at any time you can revoke your consent for the use of your personal data. In the same way, you can revoke the consent that, where appropriate, you have given us for the processing of your personal data. However, it is important that you bear in mind that not in all cases we will be able to respond to your request or terminate the use immediately, since it is possible that due to some legal obligation it is required to continue treating your personal data. Likewise, you should consider that for certain purposes the revocation of your consent will imply that we cannot continue to provide the service you requested, or the conclusion of your relationship with us.

To revoke the consent that you grant in this act or to limit its disclosure, the respective request must be submitted through the following electronic address:

In the same way, you may request the information to know the procedure and requirements for the revocation of consent, as well as limit the use and disclosure of your personal information.

In any case, the response to the requests will be announced in the following period: 3 business days.

This privacy notice may undergo modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements; of our own needs for the products or services we offer; of our privacy practices; of changes in our business model, or for other reasons, for which, we promise to keep you informed about the changes that this privacy notice may undergo, however, you can request information about whether it has undergone any change to through the following email address:

Last update:


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